Project will start!

Dear JET participants:
We are glad to be finally able to send this message to everyone. I hope you guys still remember the University of Kochi team working on Multilingual Disaster Mitigation Project using a software called Anytime! for emergency. We were happy to receive your informed consents and willingness to try out the software to help us get rid of any potential bug in the usage.
So here is the detailed information about what and how you can help us during the next two weeks. We ask you to intensely access Anytime! and ask as many questions or utilize its features in the next two weeks.
* Title:  Mutlilingual Disaster Mitigation Project in Kochi
* Test Period:Wednesday, 4/29~ Tuesday,5/12, 2 weeks
* How to:
 1) iphone users: Pls install 「ANYTIME!」 and use it, and make a comment.
You maybe a help-seeker side (foreigners who came to Kochi for the first time) as well as a helper side (foreigners who lives in and knows about Kochi). You can download the software via our facebook page with the same title "Multilingual Disaster Mitigation Project in Kochi." You will find the code posted on this facebook thread. Please download from the page. We ask you to do so for the security reason.
2) Non-iPhone users: Please make comments or give us your thoughts and opinions on our website “Multilingual Disaster Mitigation Project in Kochi" later when the website is ready for input (Now it is getting ready to receive your input.) We will send another notification for this later on.
Thank you all for your participation and our appreciation for your feeback goes out with our heartfelt gratitude.
Have a wonderful and exciting break with Anytime!
Thank you!!
Multilingual Disaster Mitigation Project Team

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